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My name is Amanda. I have been a beauty therapist at Skinlogics since 2009. My passion and knowledge for beauty and skincare has grown over the years as I have fallen in love with all the treatments and products that Ella Bache has to offer. In 2015 I won the Ella Bache State therapist award for outstanding service and knowledge. This award is very prestigious and I feel honoured to have been selected for this wonderful prize.

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I Have been a qualified beauty therapist for 10 years, and have worked at Skinlogics for around 6 years. As a beauty therapist I like the diversity that every day brings, but if I had to choose a favourite treatment it would have to be facials. I love the instant result of the client being pampered and relaxed and then watching their skin improve seeing the happiness and change that good skin can make in someones confidence that had previously suffered from bad skin. Ella Bache is a range that I believe in, and am very passionate about, it's not only products that I recommend to my clients but also products that I use on my own skin everyday. As for a favourite product, it is so hard to pick just one as there are so many I love!

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Meet our bubbly therapist Krystal! Her favourite product is our Ella Bache Radiance C Ampoules. These are a must for all brides or anyone leading up to a special event. They will dramatically change your skin in just 6 weeks! By refining pore size, reducing black heads, fading pigmentation and will improve your hydration levels my 30% in just 3 weeks!

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I have been with Ella Bache for almost 18 months. I have 7 years in the industry. I love the Skinlogics team and Ella Bache brand. I get to do a variety of treatments that make and help people feel good about themselves. I have a great family that support me and my dreams.

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